About us

Military Vets MC Sweden (MVMC ) was founded by active and former officers and soldiers from the Swedish Armed Forces.
MVMC take great pride in not having to many rules except for "Camaraderie" and follow the principle "Quality before Quantity". 

We All ride american made V-twin motorcycles.

MVMC are members in the European Law Enforcement Coalition and do not support the 1%er culture. 

MVMC are members of the European LE MC Coalition

We carry the same colors as our nation flag and on our center piece we carry "the Three Crowns" significant for our country.

Patriot Legion MC Estonia is our friendship club.

If you want to be a part of our camaraderie please send us an email and we will get back to you.


Our Club Lieutenant, Thomas "Arvid" Arvidsson lost his life in a
motorcycle accident the 14th of June 2014 on his way to a local motorcycle rally.

Arvid served with the Military Police and earned the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. He did overseas missions in Bosnia and Somalia. Arvid worked as a police officer in Stockholm and left girlfriend and two kids behind.

Arvid is gone but will never be forgotten.